The Justice League Movie Needs More Women…ASAP!


Alter Ego: Zatanna Zatara
Powers/Abilities: Magic; casts spells by speaking backwards
Who is She?
Zatanna is one of the top magic users in the DCU. She is also another second generation hero with her father, Giovanni “John” Zatara, being a crime-fighter during the 1940s. Like her father, Zatanna operates as a stage magician in between her heroics. She also has a long history with Batman as The Dark Knight sought out her father to teach him sleight of hand and escapism. Adding Zatanna to the team would be great just because her magical abilities would create an entirely different visual aesthetic to the other power sets of the movie Justice League plus Zatanna is an awesome character in her own right.
Wishful Casting: Emmy Rossum
Rossum is an incredible actress as she has proven over and over in her starring role on SHAMELESS. Rossum has the chops to pretty much pull off any role and I think she would be up for the challenge of backwards spellcasting that is a signature of the Zatanna character. And on a personal note it would be nice to see Rossum get to strut her stuff as a powerful witch in a movie that people will actually see as opposed to her fun performance as bad girl witch Ridley in the 2013 box office clunker BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

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