The Justice League Movie Needs More Women…ASAP!


Alter Ego: Barda Free
Powers/Abilities: superhuman strength and endurance; advanced combat skills; immortality; uses high powered Apokoliptan designed weapon known as a Mega-Rod
Who is She?
Big Barda is basically the New Gods version of Wonder Woman except Barda has a mean streak a mile long and a temper that she tends to not be able to control when pushed too far. Barda was born on Apokolips (home of Darkseid) and trained from childhood to become the leader of Darkseid’s Female Furies. But then Barda fell in love with the heroic Mr. Miracle and turned on Darkseid to become a force for good. She has been a member of several different incarnations of The Justice League and with the New Gods/Darkseid being a big part of the future of the DC Cinematic Universe, having Barda on the team would be a pretty natural move as she would bring an insiders knowledge of the foes The League will be facing.
Wishful Casting: Gina Torres
Gina Torres is powerful perfection in human form and if she can’t be Wonder Woman then there is no better second option for her to play than Big Barda. I can see her kicking Parademon butt alongside Affleck, Cavil, Gadot, Momoa etc. and looking badass while doing it.

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