The Justice League Movie Needs More Women…ASAP!


Alter Ego: Shayera Thal
Powers/Abilities: Winged flight; greater than human strength; skilled hand-to-hand combatant; carries a super-powered battle mace
Who is She?
Hawkwoman is an alien cop from the planet Thanagar who came to Earth with her fellow cop/husband Hawkman and ended up joining the Justice League. That is the simplest version of Hawkwoman’s origin and its the one I am sticking with. She was originally called Hawkgirl because comic book creators are mostly make and have a tinge of sexism in them but she changed her moniker to Hawkwoman in the 1980s. This version of Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman was the one featured in the awesome JUSTICE LEAGUE and JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED cartoons that used to air on The Cartoon Network and should not be confused with The Hawkgirl that was featured on the CW live-action DC shows like ARROW, THE FLASH and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW who is a re-incarnated Egyptian priestess. I like the alien version better and this is my list. I also think that Hawkman could be ignored altogether and a lot of his origin could just be folded up into Hawkwoman’s without losing anything special about her or create a situation where the DC movie universe would be missing Hawkman’s presence.
Wishful Casting: Emily Blunt
There was a reason why Emily Blunt was initially cast as Black Widow and why she was at the top of everyone’s wishful casting list to play Captain Marvel…Blunt is awesome. So who better to be the mace wielding, winged warrior in the Justice League movies than her? Just looking at how great she was in the very physical role of Rita in EDGE OF TOMORROW and it becomes a no-brainer to see her get the part of Hawkwoman.

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