The Justice League Movie Needs More Women…ASAP!


Alter Ego: Dinah Lance
Powers/Abilities: Sonic Cry; highly skilled martial artist
Who is She?
Black canary is a second generation super-hero, her mom was a member of the Justice Society, and one of the A-list DC Comics super-heroes. Depending on which continuity DC is respecting at the time, Black Canary has been one of the first heroes to be asked to join the Justice League or has been a founding member of the team. She has also served as a team leader on occasion. So of all the ladies in the DCU she is the one most likely to be added to the movie roster as she is either ranked number 3 or 4 on the list of top DC superwomen.
Wishful Casting: Natalie Dormer
I think what I like most about Natalie Dormer is the way she brings an air of intelligence to the characters she plays. Whether its Moriarty on ELEMENTARY, Anne Boleyn on THE TUDORS or dearly departed Maergery Tyrell on GAME OF THRONES, Dorner’s characters always seem like they are either among the smartest people in the room of the actual smartest person. And it is this intelligence that I think would make her perfect to be Black Canary because I have always felt that Black Canary owns a room when she enters it and never takes a backseat to anyone…not Batman, not Wonder Woman and not even Superman.

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