The Justice League Movie Needs More Women…ASAP!


Alter Ego: Kimiyo Hoshi
Powers/Abilities: total control over all forms of light
Who is She?
A brilliant scientist with a bit of an attitude problem, Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi is the second person to use that name following the evil supervillain who was a recurring adversary of the Justice League. Hoshi has been a member of the Justice League on and off for years but her being a single mother as well as a dedicated scientist sometimes makes it hard for her to make the time to be a full-time member. Her powers are very distinctive and can be used in all sorts of original and visually spectacular ways plus I have always liked that Dr. Light can sometimes be less than nice. Every team needs a couple of snarky anti-social members in my estimation. Plus I find the idea of adding an Asian superhero to a prominent comic book movie blockbuster to be appealing considering how under-represented Asian actors are in Hollywood movies in general let alone in big blockbuster franchises.
Wishful Casting: Rinko Kikuchi
Rinko is a really good actress and she has proven that she can pull off all of the facets of a character like Dr. Light with ease. In PACIFIC RIM she showed that she could be a legit asskicker while also being vulnerable and in 47 RONIN she showed as The Witch that she can bring some edge and darkness to a role too. Kikuchi would be a perfect Dr. Light.

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