The Best Looking New Fall TV Shows

The fall TV season is almost upon us and as a result the networks are revealing more and more of their line-ups so I figured I would take a gander at some of the trailers being put out for public consumption and see which ones hook me based on their 2 to 5 minutes of video. In the long run I may end up hating all of these shows but for right now these are the best looking shows based on just trailers.



A warrior from a Pacific island travels to California to reconnect with his son.

This looks like a show that would be right at home on The Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” lineup of shows. I could see SON OF ZORN slotted perfectly in between RICK & MORTY and THE VENTURE BROTHERS. Also every single one of the human actors in this show are folks who I am already a fan of so that helps. Now let’s cross our fingers that the show is as good as the trailer makes it seem.

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