The 5 Best Moments From The Captain Marvel Trailer

The wait is over! The CAPTAIN MARVEL movie trailer is finally here and it is just as cool as I was hoping it would be!. So click onward to see what I thought were the best moments from the first real glimpse of this oh so long-awaited movie.

1. Captain Marvel Falls From The Sky

From the trailer it seems that the movie version of Carol Danvers is going to have an entirely different origin story than the comic book version. Looks like she left Earth at some point in time to join the Kree and has no memories of her previous life. It’s an interesting angle to take but I think I like it.

2. Captain Marvel Has The Mohawk Helmet

I am not the biggest fan of the redesigned costume that Carol got after she switched from her Ms Marvel identity to Captain Marvel because that Ms Marvel design is one of the best costume designs in comic book history. But the one thing I liked immediately about the new suit was the Mohawk helmet.

So of course in the comics Carol rarely sports the Mohawk helmet. But I am happy to see she dons the Mohawk helmet more than once in the movie.

3. Captain Marvel Looks To Have Her Full Power Set

I was wondering if we were going to get a fully powered Carol or if they were going to de-power her a bit to fit in line with the rest of the MCU heroes but based on this trailer she has all of the powers I expected her to have (flight, super-strength, energy blasts) but there is also a shot at the end of the trailer that points to Carol also having the full energy powers she sported i the comics when she went by the name Binary. If the point was to make Captain Marvel one of the top dogs in the MCU power rankings then they seem to be doing all the right things.

4. SKRULLS!!!!!

We got Skrulls! I love Skrulls. They are a shape-changing race of conquerors who have been a thorn in the side of pretty much the entire Marvel Universe for decades and now we get our first glimpse of them on the big screen. And I am assuming that nice little old lady that Carol sucker punches is one of them too or else our hero is gonna have a lot of explaining to do. The Skrulls being in this movie also sets up the next phase of the MCU to do the awesome Secret Invasion storyline.

5. Young Nick Fury & Agent Coulson

That de-aging special effect technology is pretty snazzy because Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg both look like younger versions of themselves. And it is just great to see Gregg’s Agent Coulson back on the big screen. I was afraid the petty war between Marvel’s TV and movie sides was going to make it so that Coulson was never going to get to interact with fury and the Avengers ever again. Let’s hope this means we get a Coulson reunion with The Avengers in the future where they realize that he isn’t dead anymore.

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