Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate The Greatness Of Tim Curry

I recently watched a trailer for an abomination called Gingerclown 3D that starred Mr. Curry and I instantly felt horrible that an actor of his awesomeness was appearing in what looked to be the shittiest movie ever made. Then I got to thinking about all of the really great parts that Curry has played and how not all of them were in projects equals to his talents but he still managed to shine in them. The dude just has a talent for turning crap into gold which naturally spurred me to make this list of my Top 5 Favorite Tim Curry Roles!

5.  Herkermer Homolka from CONGO

Herkermah Homolka

Congo was a so bad it’s almost good movie bereft with a horrible storyline, wooden acting from actors who should have known better), and seriously cheap ass monkey suits but there was one gem among the dung and that was Tim Curry’s Herkermer Homolka (greatest name ever by the way). Herkermer was a smarmy Romanian philanthropist who was obsessed with finding the lost city of Zinch and getting his grubby little hands on the city’s stash of diamonds. Curry whipped out a preposterous accent and put so much into his line readings, especially all the times he uttered the city of Zinch, that I was amazed that any of the fake African scenery escaped filming unchewed.

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