Bad Movies That Rock: Sleepaway Camp

Reason #1 That It Rocks: A Potpourri of Pulchritudinous Pablum

I admit that this movie is just as bad in a classical sense as I previously stated but it also is amazing in its own little ways. First of all is the assemblage of freaks that make up the camp’s counselors. From a steroid enhanced goomba in Richard Simmons shorts to a duo of gleefully psychotic mean girls who shouldn’t have been allowed to take care of goldfish let alone be in charge of other young people. Then there are the really cheesy death scenes that are so laughably amateurish. And it is crazy watching  the rampantly inappropriate over-sexualizing of the younger cast that seems to be bubbling under the surface of every second of this movie but is blatantly obvious enough to warrant the attention of Chris Hansen.

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