Bad Movies That Rock: Sleepaway Camp

Reason #3 That It Rocks: Everybody Hates Angela

It really makes no sense how much everyone hates Angela at this summer camp. Sure, Angela is a bit of an introvert with marginal people skills, but there is no good reason why she elicits such a visceral hatred from so many characters in such a short amount of time. But it sure is funny to watch.


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  4. johnpress1995 · June 7

    He may be the owner of a summer camp for kids but despite that he sucked at his job considering that he spent most of his time hitting on one of the counselors (i.e. Meg) and doesn’t try to shut the camp down when the murders take effect. Add to the fact that he accuses Ricky for being the camp killer despite not having any evidence or proof makes him even more unlikable even by the movie’s standards.


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