The 5 Dead ‘True Blood’ Characters I Miss Most

Good riddance to a terrible character

I don’t miss Tommy “The Lord of The Douchebags” Mickens at all. He was a total asshat and quite possibly the most unnecessary character in the history of television. However, there are some True Blood characters that I have a fondness for who were ushered into the afterlife a smidge too soon for my tastes. So click onward fellow TB fans and in preparation of Season 5 see the list of the 5 True Blood characters I miss the most!

Nan Flanagan

“I have been alive for 816 years. I refuse to be retired like a fat first wife!.” That line sums up the awesomeness of Nan Flanagan, the public face of the American Vampire League. She was a ball buster from way back and the character was played perfectly by Jessica Tuck as a combination ice queen/harpy. There were so many possibilities to be mined from Nan’s dismissal from her lofty post by The Authority and I would have liked to have seen her leading a rogue vampire contingent against the vampire establishment. If only she hadn’t threatened Sookie in front of Bill and Eric…she just might have survived Season 4.

Franklin Mott

Franklin was a psychotic, abusive, kidnapping rapist of a vampire but he was also one of the best characters this show has had on in its entire run thanks to his portrayer James Frain. The horrors Franklin visited upon Tara, who he quickly developed an twisted “love” for were almost easy to overlook thanks to how quickly Franklin could switch to being coolly charismatic from his default nutty as a fruitcake disposition. It would have been interesting to Franklin’s special brand of wacky in Bon Temps a little longer.

Adele “Gran” Stackhouse

Gran was the most likable character on the show and her warmth of spirit was nice to see considering that the rest of the show was filled with people (and monsters) who were less than pure of heart. So when she ended up becoming a victim to the mysterious killer in Season 1 I almost felt as bad as Sookie did. Not having Gran around has put Sookie on an island and also has made it seem like she and Jason don’t even live in the same town. The siblings rarely interact on the show and considering how dangerous both of their lives are you would think they would keep in constant contact. So while it was nice to see Gan’s ghost show up to lend Sookie a hand at the end of Season 4 I would have liked a living, breathing Gran to be there for Sookie.


The ancient yet baby-faced Godric was Eric Northman’s maker and over his 2000 years had come to hate his existence as a vampire. Despite Eric’s protestations Godric willingly welcomed the “true death” by sitting on a rooftop with Sookie watching the sun rise. I think the show blew a golden opportunity in killing Godric. Having a self-loathing vampire around could have opened up all sorts of storyline possibilities while also having a character around that showed a different side of Eric than what we had seen before.

Marnie Stonebrook

Marnie was the MVP of TRUE BLOOD Season 4 and the main reason was because of the astounding performance by Fiona Shaw. As both the meek Wiccan and when the possessed by the vengeful (and powerful) witch spirit Antonia, Shaw was on fire in the role. And it is because of the amazing actress that I lament Marnie meeting her maker ( she was filled full of lead by Bill Compton). It was cool having an angry witch with a mad-on for vamps running around Bon Temps. I would have liked to have seen a non-possessed Marnie desperately looking for ways to augment her powers so she could exact revenge on the vampire population.

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