Where Is The Cast of Farscape Now?

A few weeks ago there was news of a possible continuation of the great SyFy series FARSCAPE being in the works that would deal with the, now 19 year-old, child of Capt. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun becoming the target of evil aliens which would require the old Moya gang to get back together to protect the kid. With that little carrot of a plot being dangled before me I got to thinking about just what the cast of the old show have been up to since it was ended. So with the help of a little Google-Fu I put together this list that answers the question: Where is the cast of FARSCAPE now?

Ben Browder (John Chrichton)

John Crichton was an astronaut who, while testing his propulsion theory, was sent hurtling through a wormhole and ended up in a galaxy far, far away from his native Earth. Crichton quickly hooked up with the prisoners on the Leviathan transport vessel Moya, made an enemy of Peacekeeper commander Crais and began a “will they or won’t they” relationship with renegade Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun. Over the course of the series Crichton would become a much desired prize by the Peacekeepers, especially Scorpius, because of his knowledge of wormholes.
How Things Ended: After the Peacekeeper Wars, Crichton had the knowledge of wormhole technology wiped from his mind and he Aeryn Sun got married and had a baby boy.

What Is He Up to Now?
After FARSCAPE finally came to en end, Browder joined another long-running SyFy Channel show as Colonel Cameron Mitchell on STARGATE: SG1 and stayed with the show till it ended. Browder has since then made numerous guest appearances on TV shows with his most recent being episodes of DOCTOR WHO and ARROW.

5 thoughts on “Where Is The Cast of Farscape Now?

  1. She looks just as amazing. I hope they are in the Movies version expected to be coming up soon. Thanks for writing this


  2. It is the year 2021 and I am a 74 year old woman watching Farscape for the first time. Though the violence drives me to the kitchen to make toast the characters are wonderful to watch.Thank you all so much.


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