Where Is The Cast of Farscape Now?

Gigi Edgley (Chiana)

Chiana was a Nebari grifter who escaped from her people’s law enforcement and joined the crew aboard Moya. During her time with Crichton and his team, Chiana entered into a relationship with D’Argo that she ended up sabotaging by having an affair with his son. She also began to develop super-powers that were very ill defined from season to season with the unhappy side effect of rendering her blind every time she used them.
How Things Ended: Chiana had doctors remove her eyes and replace with with the cat-like eyes of an unknown species which once again saw her powers change. Following the Peacekeeper Wars, Chiana accepted Rygell’s invitation to go live on his planet of Hyneria.

What Is She Up To Now?
After FARSCAPE ended, Gigi Edgley regularly was cast in Australian TV series and films. She also recorded a few EPs of original music. She can next be seen as the host of the upcoming SyFy Channel reality competition Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge which is set to debut on March 25th. Edgley is also pretty active on Twitter.


  1. soundquake · April 27, 2014

    Nice article. Thanks


    • Derek · April 27, 2014

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Christopher D Knox · April 24, 2016

    She looks just as amazing. I hope they are in the Movies version expected to be coming up soon. Thanks for writing this


    • Derek · April 24, 2016

      Thanks for commenting.


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