Snoop Dogg & Seth Rogen Discuss Game of Thrones

Snoop’s English accent and the way he kept saying Petyr Baelish’s name just killed me.

9 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg & Seth Rogen Discuss Game of Thrones

    1. It is really good. If you ever have some free time I can not recommend enough that a binge watch be undertaken.


      1. All of the past 3 seasons are available on Amazon Instant Video and I think also on HBO Go.


      2. I need to renew my Amazon Prime membership. It’s gone from $79 to $99 so you can understand my hesitation.


      3. Has that happened already? Because I am questioning whether it is wort re-upping myself.


      4. Yep, it’s $99. Other than the free two day shipping I am wondering whether it would just be cheaper to rent individual movies or TV shows.


      5. I have to look at just how much I shop on Amazon outside of Christmas time to see if it is worth it. I really don’t use the instant video option except when Amazon releases pilot tv shows.


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