Michiel Huisman Is Determined To Ruin TV For Me

Have you ever been watching a TV show that you really liked yet there was just one character that you really hated with a passion played by an actor who just annoyed you completely and you wished he were not a part of the show? Well imagine if that actor were to bring the same acting style you absolutely loathe to show after show that you enjoy? Would you feel like there was a conspiracy going on to ruin TV for you specifically? Well, if so you would be a paranoid nutcase but never let it be said that I considered myself to be 100% sane because I think Michiel Huisman is out to destroy my enjoyment of TV by constantly popping up on shows I like.

Sonny on TREME

I am a big fan of David Simon. The writer/director is really good at conveying gritty realism and his stuff in collaboration with HBO like THE CORNER and THE WIRE were phenomenal. So when it was announced that Simon would be bringing to HBO a show about New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina I was totally psyched. Then to find out it would feature a slew of actors from other Simon shows as well as character actors I was a fan of like William Zahn and John Goodman made me even more eager for the show. And it was pretty good too. Sort of slow going but the performances were absolutely stellar. Then I was introduced to Sonny and got my first glimpse at the talents of Michiel Huisman. Sonny was a a smugly bitter, whiny, insecure, selfish junkie hipster douche (hipster douchebaggery seems to be the main trick in Huisman’s acting wheelhouse by the way) whose only purpose on this show seemed to be to steal time away from much better characters. When it became completely obvious that Sonny was on a redemption arc whether anyone but David Simon cared about seeing it or not I decided to just give up on TREME and never looked back.

13 thoughts on “Michiel Huisman Is Determined To Ruin TV For Me

    1. I have heard next to nothing about the Transporter reboot that he is starring in. If it isn’t already filming then I wonder why he couldn’t stay on the show?


    1. Different opinions are what makes the world go round. I would never try to convince anyone to my way of thinking…I just like to vent.
      Thanks for commenting , BTW.


    2. Agreed. On Nashville he was the only fun character. I miss Liam. I wish GoT would give him some real dialogue with Dany but he is still fun to watch. And so ridiculously sexy in every role. Sigh!


      1. Well I am not a good person to judge Mr. Huisman on his ridiculous sexiness so I’ll concede that point to you. 🙂


  1. Wow. its one thing to dislike a character – but you take it to the extreme. He was superb in Treme. If you believed that Sonny was a struggling musician and drug addict with self-destructive behavior – then Michiel Huisman succeeded as an actor in that role. You may not appreciate that there was such a character in Treme, but that’s a different story. And if you think he was sleazy in a role where there character was supposed to be sleazy – well then again he succeeded as an actor.

    Your final description, of his Orphan Black character, confirms that your words are just pent up hate. In Orphan Black his character ‘Cal’ is as far from “hipster douchebaggery” as any character could get. He plays a very likeable nice guy with a strong moral compass and sense of family. Have you even actually watched the show or does your predetermined ire towards him prevent you from ever being able to think rationally about him? Your statement that “Tatiana Maslany has to suffer the indignity of playing opposite this guy” – is nonsense. Have you seen her video where she talks about him? How about the article where Connie Britton says “he is such a wonderful actor and wonderful guy” and she describes a Nashville scene with him as one of her favorites?

    Not all characters on a show are going to be to our liking (how dull would that be), but try not to make it personal. Best wishes.


      1. Lol. If only I was his publicist!! I’m just a fan who loves him as an actor. But for all actors I think
        we should be responsible with our comments. That goes double for critics and bloggers who have the ability to affect opinion whether they mean to or not. I appreciate the chance to express mine on your blog. Thanks.


      2. LOL. His publicist? If only I was! I just feel that we need to be responsible in our conversations. Thanks for letting me have my say.


      3. No problem…I appreciate a spirited rebuking as much as the next guy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. I absolutely love Michiel Huisman, he has his own spark. It’s different and unique. Love the fact his Chanel No.5 leading Man. He’s a handsome model.
    I hope and pray that his marriage stays strong and the fame don’t interfere.
    Lots of Best wishes & success fir him and his beautiful wife.


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