My 6 Must Watch Summer TV Shows

Long gone are the olden days when summertime meant the TV landscape was filled with nothing but re-runs and sports no one cares about. Nowadays some fo the best TV runs through the summer months and with that in mind I have come of with this nifty list of the 6 shows that should be on every couch potatoes viewing list.

The Strain

What’s It About?
From the macabre mind of Guillermo del Toro comes this thriller about a Center for Disease Control (CDC) team that comes to New York to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak on a passenger plane that turns out to be an ancient strain of vampirism! It then becomes a race against time to try and contain the vampiric virus before it spreads through out New York…and the world!

Is Anyone I Know In It?
Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee, THE LORD OF THE RINGS), David Bradley (Walder Frey, GAME OF THRONES), Corey Stoll (Congressman Peter Russo, HOUSE OF CARDS)

Why Should I Watch It?
It’s Guillermo del Toro doing vampires again! Why the hell wouldn’t you watch it? It is also on FX, a network known for allowing it’s shows to push the envelope (take any episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY for instance) so we can expect some seriously out there stuff to go down on this show.

Where Can I See It?
You can catch THE STRAIN on FX every Sunday @ 10pm starting on July 13th.

5 thoughts on “My 6 Must Watch Summer TV Shows

  1. Thanks for sharing Derek. I quite like the way The Bridge looks. I’ll have to tune in for that. Possibly Hemlock Grove, too.


      1. Lol! Hadn’t thought about that (as in brain assumed that was not even a possibility), but you are right. As an actor he seems to be quite funny and nice but I still look at that face and feel the hate begin to boil up lol 🙂


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