Thank God It’s Wednesday!


The mind behind THE WALKING DEAD delivers this horror comic tells the story of Kyle Barnes, a man who seems to have darkness and evil following him his entire life and who now comes face to face with just what that evil may in fact be.
Final Verdict: Y’know, Robert Kirkman has always insisted that THE WALKING DEAD was not a horror comic. Sure there were zombies eating people every issue but it was more a story about people and yada yada. Well, with OUTCAST Mr. Kirkman is finally doing an unabashedly horror comic that features demonic possession at the heart of it’s story. The mood of the book is very dark and it is complimented perfectly by the art of Paul Azaceta who uses shadows to exceptional effect to convey the evil goings on.
Kirkman also has created a very interesting protagonist in Kyle Barnes. We are given glimpses into the past supernatural misfortunes that have befallen the man and it helps to clarify the awful existence Barnes has decided his life should be. There is still more than enough mystery about Barnes’ past that caqn be mined for future stories.
I am hoping to see things taken to the horror edge a bit more though. This is a sub-genre that gave us THE EXORCIST and AMITYVILLE HORROR among others…there is no reason for restraint when it comes to demonic possession. So I anticipate Kirkman letting his twistedly creative mind run free as this series continues on.
Grade: B+

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