Happy Birthday Adam West

The “Greatest Batman Ever!” turns 86 years young today and I figure it’s an occasion that is just perfect for commemorating.

Now anyone could focus on Mr. West’s time as Batman in the classic 1966 TV series but I think one of his less well-known works is worthy of some attention on his special day. With that in mind I give you the pilot episode of what should have been a long-running, award winning sitcom that would be remembered fondly by discerning TV viewers everywhere. I give to you: LOOKWELL!
In LOOKWELL, West played Ty Lookwell, a washed up former TV star who thought his tie as a TV detective made him qualified to solve actual crimes. He was very, very wrong.

From the first scene of West in Fonzie drag ready to audition for the role of Buzz McCool on Happy Days: The Next Generation, you realize that this show is going to be quirky as hell (and how could it not since it was written by Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel) and West was going to make fun of himself in that understated deadpan style that I find hysterical.

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