The Epicness of This Fail Pleases Me Greatly

Guy waits on line to be one of the first people to own a new iPhone 6, gets his grubby mitts on one of the fine pieces of Jobsian technology, and then is coerced into showing off by a TV reporter.
Then the fun begins.


4 thoughts on “The Epicness of This Fail Pleases Me Greatly

  1. If it takes buying a cell phone to make your d!ck bigger or your vag!na tighter then by all means feed your illusion, dumb@ss!!!!!


    1. I don’t get the first day/first generation people anyway especially with Apple’s stuff because all you end up doing is paying to be an iPhone beta tester.

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      1. When it is better to wait and get a later model that has all or most of the kinks ironed out,


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