Happy Birthday Corey Feldman!

On this day in 1971, Corey Scott Feldman was born and in his 42 years of life Mr. Feldman has contributed many things to society not the least of which is his wonderful music. So join me in wishing a happy birthday to this talented fella by taking a walk down memory lane at the things in his career that really stand out to me.

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Happy Birthday, Alyssa Milano!

40 years ago today Alyssa Jayne Milano sprung forth on this plane of existence and we are all better for that momentous occasion. After the cut I have added some of what I consider to be Ms Milano’s best artistic achievements.

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Happy Belated Birthday to Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau and her amazing 34DD’s turned a seasoned 67 years young on June 11.
In honor of her great catalog of work from Maude to Cannonball Run to Carnivale let’s wish Ms Barbeau a happy (belated) birthday and take a look at her in my favorite film from her oeuvre…Swamp Thing!

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Happy Birthday Rudy Huxtable!

Keisha Knight Pulliam

On this day in history (1979 to be exact) the youngest Huxtable child was born. So give a big “Happy Birthday” to Keisha Knight Pulliam. She is immortalized as one of the cutest kids on one of the best family sitcoms in TV history plus she managed to beat the child actor curse and grow up to be a ridiculously hot adult.

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Happy Birth-Yesterday To Lt. Uhura

Mirror Mirror Uhura

Uhura’s milkshake brings all the boys to bridge

Nichelle Nichols was born yesterday in 1932 and as a tribute to her great talent I present her greatest acting moment.

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