Big Hero 6 Was A Success…Which Marvel Properties Should Disney Make Next?

With the success of the surprisingly awesome BIG HERO 6 I got to thinking about what other Marvel Comics properties are ripe for the animation side of Disney to snap up and make into an animated feature.

Power Pack

Power Pack would be a no-brainer for Disney to animate. The protagonists are a bunch of kids who all get very visually interesting superpowers after a chance meeting with a dying alien: Alex can control gravity; Jack controls his density, Katie can absorb energy and fire energy bolts; Julie could fly at great speeds.
The rest of their world is also very visually distinctive with the equine Kymellians and the reptilian Snarks, two very interesting alien races that would look great animated plus there is the whole galactic battle between the Snarks and the Kymellians that the Power kids get drafted into. Plus they have a sentient spaceship named Friday! The toy line just sells itself.

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