Bad Movies That Rock: Don’t Open Till Christmas

Devil Horns Rating:


What’s It About?

It is Christmas time in London and someone is killing anyone who dares to wear a Santa Claus costume. Will Scotland Yard be able to bring this maniac to justice or will this bloodshed become an annual tradition?


So What’s So Bad About It?

Well it looks like a 1970s porn movie even though the darn thing was filmed in 1984. The movie is darker than the deepest reaches of space because, and this is just my opinion, the film had a tiny budget and needed to use darkness and shadows to hide some of the production deficiencies. The direction was pedestrian, the script was goofy and most of the cast looked like they worked at a local insurance company.

2 thoughts on “Bad Movies That Rock: Don’t Open Till Christmas

  1. Origin story translated: Kid sees dad in a Santa costume schtupping another woman-not his mom-and becomes a Santa killer because he A. grew to hate Santa Claus; or B. was pissed off because he was too young to schtupp mom.


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