We Are All Cordially Invited To The Penny Dreadful New Years Day Marathon

PENNY DREADFUL, the Showtime series that takes famous gothic literature characters and has them all interacting in Victorian London, will be having a New Year’s Day marathon of the entire first season. So if you have that cable channel you will have the perfect binge watching opportunity on January 1st.


As the new season is quickly approaching, now is a good time to revisit the goings on from Season 1 or (if you are a newbie) to check out the show for the first time and get instantly hooked on it like I did. Eva Green’s incredibly haunting performance alone will likely be enough to make you an instant fan.

4 thoughts on “We Are All Cordially Invited To The Penny Dreadful New Years Day Marathon

  1. I managed to get through the first episode of this just about and then decided against it but I will be partaking in a New Years Eve marathon. Lord of the Rings 🙂


    1. Just the LOTR trilogy or will you include the first two Hobbits as well?


      1. Just the trilogy Mr O has to work tomorrow so we can’t be staying up till 4am.


      2. I was going to say that you would need New Years plus one more day to watch everything in he Tolkien library


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