The Most Nerdgasmic Moments From The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

An admission, I am a much bigger Star Trek fan than I am a Star Wars one…I love Star Wars but not as much as I love Trek. However, I am extremely excited to see what someone besides George Lucas will do with Star Wars and I have confidence that JJ Abrams will give us something fun and interesting especially based off of this latest trailer that just knocked my socks off.

The Crashed Star Destroyer

The slow pan to one of The Empire’s most formidable ships is a major kick in the face and immediately let’s the viewer know that things have changed a bit in the Star Wars Universe and it is a really cool visual to boot.

Darth Vader’s Mangled Helmet

Wasn’t Vader’s helmet chucked in a funeral pyre or something? Who fished it out? And what reason did he or she have to go grab it? It is quite jarring to see such an iconic costume piece in such bad shape.

Darth Luke?

On the one hand it warms the cockles of my heart to see that Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 are still road dogs but on the other hand I do have to admit to getting a pretty sinister vibe off of that quick glimpse of Luke’s robotic hand reaching out to his favorite Droid. And why did Luke say in the voice over that his father has The Force and not had?

Kylo Ren Is The New Darth Maul

Much like Darth maul became all anyone could talk about when the first trailers for those execrable prequels were releases, Kylo Ren is the talk of the geek universe mostly for his peculiar choice in lightsabre. Now we get a better look at him and the first thing I though was that Snake-Eyes from G.I. Joe has become a Jedi knight.

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