Finally! A Crystal Clear Version Of The Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer

After a flurry of activity over the past couple of days that saw an announcement of the BvS teaser showing this Monday at select IMAX theaters and then a leak that saw a blurry camera phone video of an international version of the trailer (which I posted here), director Zack Snyder has seen the light and dropped a beautiful HD version of the teaser and it is magnificent!


I am so hyped for this. I am an unabashed MAN OF STEEL fan who liked most of what that movie gave me and who didn’t become an overwrought crybaby at the idea of an inexperienced Superman making mistakes, featuring hellacious destruction and Superman offing General Zod. I have copies of the Donner/Reeves Superman films so I didn’t need a continuation of the Big Blue Boy Scout and sitcom-style hijinks. And from the opening voice-overs for this teaser, it looks like a lot of what the detractors of MOS continue to whine about on every genre web forum online will be addressed.


“Devils don’t come from hell beneath us…they come from the sky”

The teaser opens with voice over quotes from many people (including Charlie Rose, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Holy Hunter’s character) talking about the repercussions of having a super-powered alien “god” on Earth but the best is that quote about devils that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor makes. There is just something so manipulative about that quote and the way he delivers the line. It makes me ever more confident that he will deliver as Luthor.


Then we get a flurry of imagery that shows Superman is embraced enough that a statue was built in his honor but that love is not universal as the same statue is defaced. This sets up a very natural progression of events from the first film where there is some conflict with the public on one hand being grateful that Superman saved them from Zod but also blaming Superman for Zod coming to Earth int he first place.


We also get a really unnerving shot of a bunch of armed soldiers bowing down to Superman. These guys have the “S” insignia on their uniforms which makes me think that there may be some sort of religious cult/militia that has sprung up in Superman’s name. I also would bet a shiny new quarter that Lex Luthor is probably bankrolling them just to tarnish Superman’s image.


And then there is Batman. I love the look of not only Batman’s regular uniform but also the armor he wears when he goes toe to toe with Superman. Those may be the best designed Batman costumes yet. And the voice modulator thingee that Batman uses when in his armor is a far cry better than the absurd growly thing that Christian bale did as Batman. And his bat-plane looks really hi-tech and comic booky which is a plus.


I want to see a Batman that more is in line with the “give me prep time and I can beat anyone” guy from the cartoon and the comics than just some rich dude in tactical gear. Also Batman looks brolic as all hell. I don’t know if it the suit or his workout plan but that is a seriously swole Ben Affleck.


Is that a gun? Why yes it is. In another nod to The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel where Batman goes into action with a rifle. So we have Batman perched atop some tall building holding a sniper rifle preparing to take a shot against someone. Is it Superman? Is it whoever the bad guy in this movie is supposed to be? Maybe he’s taking a shot at Lex Luthor?


This confrontation made me let out an audible squee and then when Batman asks the million dollar question:

“Tell me…do you bleed? You will”

That line and the epic fight I am expecting to come after just has me so friggin’ jazzed for this movie! Why do I have to wait a whole year?

6 thoughts on “Finally! A Crystal Clear Version Of The Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer

  1. Don’t worry, Derek; I squee’d too. This looks fantastic and I am hoping it shuts the mouths of a lot of fanboy jerks that (of course) pre-judged before seeing one frame of footage.


    1. Tends to be a thing where Marvel partisans just don’t want any movie not made by marvel Studios to be successful. They even crap on non-Marvel Studios marvel movies like Spiderman and Fantastic Four too.


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