Jason Statham Should Have Paid To Have Every Copy Of This Video Destroyed

So in this 1993 video from little known electronic-dance band The Shamen featured future buttkicking action tough guy Jason Statham. Can you pick him out of the line-up of extremely 90s costumed folks in the video?


If you recognized Statham as the oiled up himbo aggressively undulating in a pair of leopard print speedos then give yourself a gold star!
It is quite the ignominious beginning for an uber-macho action movie star but you gotta start somewhere and since Jason was a model before his acting days this type of gig makes sense. It’s still funny though.
Work it, Jason!!!!

4 thoughts on “Jason Statham Should Have Paid To Have Every Copy Of This Video Destroyed

  1. That gif is making me laugh so much, too funny.


    1. He was dancing like he was in a room alone wasn’t he?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely and that outfit, hehe.




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