Subway Parkour Fail

Unless you are French, a contestant on American Ninja Warrior or the amazing Caity Lotz, you really shouldn’t be doing Parkour on the streets of the good ol’ US of A. Because you could end up like the guy in this video.

There is so much wrong with this video but two things really bother me.
One: The jumper’s form is all wrong. You can tell he is going for that cool looking Parkour guy jumping form instead of jumping like a guy who actually wants to make it across a subway platform. Never jump off of two feet, don’t slow up your running start and try to jump close to the edge of the platform.
Two: Why the hell are these two dudes running around New York half-dressed? It looks like the one guy is in nothing but a pair of compression shorts and as someone who wears those things under sweatpants or basketball shorts, there is very little room for groin area mystery while sporting those bad boys.
On the plus side this bystanders facial expression is pure gold. This guy gets it.

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