4 Awesome Old School Shark Movies (That Are Not Jaws Related)

Sharks’ Treasure


Eccentric charter skipper Jim Carnahan and his team of hard-luck dreamers battle sharks, bandits and their own greed to recover sunken treasure off the coast of Honduras.

Another title for this movie could have been “MANLY MEN BEING MANLY”. Written, directed and starring Cornell Wilde, SHARKS’ TREASURE is a straight up guys movie and a pretty good one at that with a cast of really cool actors (including Yaphet Kotto and David Canary) running around being very butch on the high seas. Watching this movie will put hair on your chest. Except for the out of left field scene that seemed like it was lifted from a prison flick.
There is also an inordinate amount of actual shark murder in this movie since they used real footage of real sharks and a lot of that footgae was of dudes harpooning the living hell out of any shark with the bad luck to swim into their line of sight. SHARKS’ TREASURE also has the distinction of being released in the spring of 1975 which was a few months before JAWS would come through and change the way Hollywood looked at sharks and the way they did business during the summer months. So this movie is the only one in the list not “inspired” by JAWS but rather just a Hollywood tough guy’s passion project brought to celluloid life.

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