Deep Blue Sea – Good, Bad & Ugly Review

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 56% (Critics) / 38% (Audience)
Directed By: Renny Harlin
Written By: Talley Griffith, Duncan Kennedy, Donna Powers, Wayne Powers
Starring: Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, LL Cool J, Stellan Skarsgård and Samuel L. Jackson
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Synopsis: Searching for a cure to Alzheimer’s disease a group of scientists on an isolated research facility become the bait as a trio of intelligent sharks fight back. – (Source)

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4 Awesome Old School Shark Movies (That Are Not Jaws Related)

JAWS may be the granddaddy of shark movies but it isn’t the only one from the 70s-80s to make a mark. For this intrepid blogger there are a handful of shark-themed movies from that same general time frame that made an impression and secured spots in my list of films that I really love. So with that in mind and in commemoration of Shark Week, I figured I’d share with the world some of my fave classic shark infested movies.

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Happy Shark Week!

I loves sharks and as such I also love Discovery Channel’s annual tribute to these super-awesome killing machines, SHARK WEEK! So I figured it was high time I celebrated my love of sharks and SHARK WEEK by not only dedicating this week to shark-centric posts but also to provide this handy dandy one-stop guide for all of my shark related posts from the past:


Trailer of the Day: Sharknado 2


A freak weather system turns its deadly fury on New York City, unleashing a Sharknado on the population and its most cherished, iconic sites – and only Fin and April can save the Big Apple. – IMDb

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Damn You To Hell, Sharknado!

It was just a matter of time until the knock-off movies “inspired” by the absolute disaster known as SHARKNADO started rolling out (there have already been two GHOST SHARK movies!) but I have decided that the worst one is upon us in the form of AVALANCHE SHARKS!
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This Sharknado Stuff Has Gotten Out Of Hand

Now I admit to getting sucked into the hype over SHARKNADO when it was first announced just based off the complete absurdity of the idea and I watched the movie when it premiered on Syfy but the movie was incredibly bad even by the Syfy channel original monster movie standards. Plus no one actually watched the movie despite SHARKNADO mania running wild all over Twitter.
So while it was bad enough that Syfy has aired the movie every week since it premiered but now they plan on having a limited run in actual movie theaters.

Regal Cinemas will host midnight shows of Sharknado on August 2 at roughly 200 theaters across the country, including New York City’s Regal Union Square Stadium 14 and L.A.’s Regal L.A. Live Stadium 14.

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And on the Seventh Day God Created Sharknado

Yep, I said Sharknado…a film that is destined to go down in the annals of times as one of the greatest cinematic accomplishments of this century.
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Good, Bad & Ugly Review: Bait 3D

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 26% (Critics) / 44% (Audience)
Directed By: Kimble Rendall
Written By: Russell Mulcahy, Justin Monjo, Shane Krause, John Kim, Duncan Kennedy, and Shayne Armstrong
Starring: Xavier Samuel, Sharni Vinson, Phoebe Tonkin and Julian McMahon
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Synopsis: A freak tsunami traps shoppers at a coastal Australian supermarket inside the building – along with a 12-foot Great White Shark.

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