My 5 Favorite Things About The Star Wars Holiday Special

2. Boba Fett: The Animated Series

The one legitimately positive aspect of the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL was that it is the place where we were all introduced to the soon to be fan favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Yessiree, folks. Mr. Fett did not make his first appearance in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK but rather in an animated segment plopped into the middle of this special. Now the cartoon is not a classic by any means and the animation, while having a bit of Moebius influence, was kinda shoddy (especially in the drawing of Han Solo who looked deformed) and the storyline was paint by numbers all the way. But it was a seminal event and in the grand scheme of things was a brief moment where this special actually felt like STAR WARS instead of The DONNY & MARIE VARIETY HOUR. Fett also showed more character in animated form then he ever did in live-action…he was a bit of a cipher in those movies but animated Boba was a fully formed character. Its a good thing his helmet design was so cool or otherwise he would have been a really forgettable character in the movies.

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