Ranking The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Boyfriends

It’s the 20th anniversary of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER the TV show and with that in mind I got to thinking about listsicle after listicle I could write like I was a Buzzfeed staffer. And lo and behold, my first list is about the most controversial aspect of Buffy fandom: which of her leading men was the best guy for our Slayer.

5. Parker Abrams (Adam Kaufman)

Parker was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He preyed on Buffy just as she was on shaky ground with having recently ending things with Angel (as Angel moved to Los Angeles and his own spin-of show), being a very unsure freshman in college and moving away from home for the first time. So when Parker started flirting with her, Buffy reciprocated and the two kids had a very cute little furtive romance for a few weeks. Parker charmed Buffy so well that she decided to have sex with him (her first time since the birthday sex with Angel that turned him into Angelus). That is when Parker’s true colors came out. He was just a horny douchebag out on the prowl to bed as many co-eds as he could (he even tried to put the moves on Willow!) and then move on to his next potential conquest. Parker using and then rebuffing her sent Buffy on a downward spiral for a while before Buffy realized that he wasn’t worth the time and energy she was spending torturing herself over what was just a stupid mistake. Plus she got to hit him in the head with a tree branch so it was all good from that point on.

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    1. I may not agree with Spike/Buffy as a couple but I also can’t really say I don’t see why a lot of people loved them together.


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