The Defenders – Good, Bad & Ugly Review

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist team up to fight crime in New York City. (Source)

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 78% (Critics) / 87% (Audience)
Developed By: Douglas Petrie & Marco Ramirez
Starring: Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Whatsisname and Sigourney Weaver
Channel: Netflix

The Good:
Loved the chemistry between Ritter, Colter, Cox…too bad Finn Whatsisname still sucked as Danny Rand/Iron Fist. He was less bad when he was in scenes with the other Defenders.
Liked how the individual characters all were following separate leads/investigations that took them to the same place at the same time.
Misty getting her arm chopped off which should lead to her getting some Stark designed cybernetic replacement was a nice nod to the comics and I like they took time to begin building the Misty/Colleen friendship.
Scott Glenn was great as Stick.
Being 8 episodes felt just right because it removed the drag that all of these Netflix Marvel shows when trying to fill 13 episode seasons.
Liked how all of the different shows supporting casts were able to be fit in this show without making it seem awkward.
And fingers crossed that we have seen the last of The Hand as the prominent bad guys in these Netflix shows for the foreseeable future. That being said, Madam Gao is my favorite Marvel Villain. Period. Let’s hope she goes back to sipping tea in the park and slinging dope out of Chinatown and just being a solo pain in the ass to our heroes moving forward without any input from The Hand.

The Bad:
Finn Whatsisname is still terrible as Iron Fist. Marvel should have recast him between Iron Fist S01 and this show.
It is amazing that Karen Page can be so insanely annoying as a character despite so little screen time.
Not sure how smart it was to build this series around the worst part of DD S02 and the awful Iron Fist show.
Did not care about Elektra when she supposedly had personality so I care even less about her as an empty-headed ninja zombie.
The fight choreography is ass…not as embarrassingly bad as in Iron Fist but still not very good.
The lack of super-hero costumes is a shame.
The Five Fingers of The Hand could have used a bit more character building for the Japanese Dude and the Black Guy…for a while there I didn’t even realize The Black Guy was the same character as White Hat.
I know Sigourney Weaver has gotten rave reviews for her performance but aside from the scene in the Chinese restaurant where she was toying with The Defenders, I wasn’t all that impressed plus it was distracting me that she seemed to move around like she was in bad need of double hip replacement surgery. And that is not even taking into account how odd it is that a centuries old cabal of supernatural zombie ninjas is being led by some extra-Waspy white lady.

The Ugly:
The epilogues were kinda weak. How do you not have a final scene between Luke and Danny to try and establish some type of connection between those two characters? Especially since the only time Finn Whatsisname was tolerable was when he had scenes with Mike Colter.

Final Verdict: The show was a bit uneven and sadly carried over a lot of what didn’t work in Iron Fist (and DD Season 2 for that matter) but the chemistry between the majority of the main characters was so great that a lot of the flaws with the show as a whole were easily overlooked. I look forward to seeing what second season of The Defenders would look like especially with The Hand being removed as a Big Bad for these characters movie forward.

Rating: B-

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