Insidious: The Last Key – Trailer of The Day

Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet – in her own family home. – Source

In the latest entry into the ghostly horror franchise, we follow along with the further exploits of (my favorite Final Gran and yours) Dr. Elise Rainer in another of her earlier paranormal adventures before meeting her unfortunate end in the first INSIDIOUS film. And this time its personal!

This time we ride along with Elise and her sidekicks to investigate the spooky shenanigans in Elise’s childhood home to help the poor young lady living there now who, from the looks of things in the trailer, is royally screwed. The jumps scares are all pretty predictable especially after so many of these INSIDIOUS/CONJURING style films have been released over the last couple years but where this franchise always overcomes that large hurdle is definitely in the monster designs.

The monster designs for the demons in this movie look so cool. From the primary villain with the keys for fingers to the ghostly inmates, especially the bald hairlip guy…these designs really do kick butt as they are original and distinctive and creepy as all heck.

Of course my main reason for being excited is for Lin Shaye returning to the role of Dr. Elise Rainer again. Although it bugs me that all of the sequels have to be set in the past to explain how we get to see Elise fighting the valiant fight against the otherworldly, I am willing to overlook it just because of how great Shaye is in the role. She brings so much nuance and emotion to the role that it makes you root for her every second she’s onscreen as well as even worrying for her safety despite knowing that she’s always going to make it out of these movies alive because we have already seen her final fate.

I am curious just how much longer they can go on with showing Elise’s past adventures or if at some point the protagonist of this franchise will be switched from dear departed Elise to someone who is alive and kicking and has an uncertain future we can watch unfold.

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