Friday the 13th Week: Top 5 Friday the 13th Final Girls

1. Ginny Field – Friday the 13th Part 2

Ah, Ginny Fields…Ginny is one of my favorite Final Girls ever which is why she made it to my list of the Best Final Girls in Horror Movies that I posted a few years back. Here is what I had to say then about Miss Field:

Here we have the girl who popped Jason Voorhees’ cherry. Ginny is the cerebral Final Girl. Using her background as a psychology major she was able to play on Jason’s deep-rooted mommy issues to gain the upper hand on him and once she did Ginny showed Jason that she was just as good at hacking away with a machete as he was.

Yep, those words still stand. Ginny was a thinker as well as a fighter and truly deserves her place as the best Final Girl to ever go toe to toe with Jason Voorhees.

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