The Top 10 Douchebag Villains from 80s Teen Movies

02. Steff McKee in Pretty in Pink

Steff Mckee from Pretty in Pink
I imagine that by the time Steff McKee left high school and graduated with a masters degree from a respected college in the northeast, that he would put all of his smarts and charm into a career as a very successful serial killer. Not one of those freaky eat their victims types but the egomaniacal kind who taunts the FBI with overly complex and audacious murders. The guy just screamed “Evil sociopath!” in Pretty in Pink. That being said he was also my favorite character in the entire movie (yep even more than Duckie) and I was rooting for him to completely destroy Blaine and Andie’s cloyingly bland relationship.

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13 thoughts on “The Top 10 Douchebag Villains from 80s Teen Movies

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  1. even though zabka made more appearances, james spader wears the scary bully crown for that steely sociopath glare of his. you were spot on with your imagined extrapolation of his life after high school. #willies lol!!!


    1. I only gave Zabka the top spot for his Karate kid role because i was not actively rooting for him to win like I was for Spader’s Steff in Pretty in Pink. I got swept up by Spader’s creepy charisma while I couldn’t wait for Johnny to get his comeuppance.


    1. Well I know for a fact that I preferred Johnny to Daniel-san on Karate Kid…I think a movie following Johnny around as he gets mentally abused by Sensei Kreese would have been great.


  2. You forgot Spader in Less than Zero. Any drug dealing college kid who pimps out a straight druggie to gay Johns is a royal D-bag villain.


      1. Y’know I don’t think I have ever seen Hot Dog the Movie; might have to give that one a watch since it sounds like I am missing some primo 80s douchebag action.


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