Bad Movies That Rock: Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

Reason #1 That It Rocks: It’s a Russ Meyer Movie…Duh!

For his part, Meyer’s insane quick cut editing and scattershot direction was just a sight to behold and was most perfectly exhibited in the party scene that takes place in the early part of the movie. It was like an episode of Laugh-In set at a hedonistic bacchanalia where Meyer would just jump all over the party having characters that would later have great importance and characters that really didn’t matter all that much just talking about nothing of consequence while dancing to “Incense & Peppermint” by The Strawberry Alarm Clock (appearing as themselves) and doing all manner of dope.


  1. Michael Allan Leonard · April 18, 2013

    Awesome write-up, man. Two thumbs and five devil horns up. 😉


    • Derek · April 18, 2013

      Thanks a lot, dude.


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