Bad Movies That Rock: Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

Reason #2 That It Rocks: It Was Written By Roger Ebert

It is goofy and stupid and odd which all lends itself to making this, if not a good movie by any normal measure, a very fun movie to watch just to revel in the sheer absurdity of the damn thing. And a lot of that absurdity has to do with the screenplay that was written by the dearly departed legendary movie critic Roger Ebert. Yep, Roger Ebert of SISKEL & EBERT fame is the mind behind the kookiness that is BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. I don’t know what Ebert was smoking in the 60s but it must have been some primo shit because only a mind compromised by copious amounts of illegal narcotics could have come up with this twisted a movie.


  1. Michael Allan Leonard · April 18, 2013

    Awesome write-up, man. Two thumbs and five devil horns up. 😉


    • Derek · April 18, 2013

      Thanks a lot, dude.


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