Will The Man of Steel Sequel Have a Black Lex Luthor?

Idris Elba

I think there may be a rule that anytime a wishful casting list is down for any movie or TV role that Idris Elba must appear on it. He is well liked by all fans of all genres from action and science fiction to drama and comedy. It helps that he is a damn fine actor I guess. Two roles that Elba has played speak to why i think he would make a great Lex Luthor: Stringer Bell on THE WIRE and John Luther on the show of the same name. As Stringer Bell, Elba was the seemingly more civilized public face of the main drug dealing crew from the show’s first few seasons. Bell was a savvy businessman who knew how to play the game with the supposedly respectable businessmen and politicians in Baltimore while at the same time being just as ruthless as anyone else in his crew. As John Luther, Elba played a driven and focused police detective with demons that he struggled with while solving some of the more violent crimes that were occurring in London. Despite being a cop he was capable of being just as crooked as the criminals he was after because sometimes doing the right thing requires getting ones hands dirty and Elba deftly showed the struggle Luther went throughout to walk that tightrope. Combining the aspects of those characters would give us the ruthless and savvy businessman Lex Luthor while also showing that beneath the image he shows to the world that Luthor is also a complicated and at times conflicted villain who believes that he is in the right in his war against Superman. For my money no one would play a Lex Luthor that sees himself as the hero and Superman as the villain that Idris Elba.

4 thoughts on “Will The Man of Steel Sequel Have a Black Lex Luthor?

  1. To me, the two most obvious choices for a black Luther boil down to Idris Elba and Giancarlo Esposito. I would not even consider Will Smith for a second. As for Washington I would say no for the simple reason that he’s the one that people would expect to see in the role.


    1. I think if I was the casting genie I would pick Esposito…mainly because I still am holding out hope that Elba will be cast as Green Lantern John Stewart.


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