Will The Man of Steel Sequel Have a Black Lex Luthor?

Will Smith

This may be the most left field choice but one that I think would shock a lot of people with how good a fit he would be in the role. A lot of what I read about what the folks behind this movie want is for Lex Luthor to come off as a cross between Brad Pitt and a young Richard Branson. So basically they want someone who is just as well liked by men as women and who can be seen as realistically popular in a world where he has to share the stage with a dude who can fly. Who fits that criteria better than Will Smith? He is one of the biggest box office stars in the world and he would be a cinch as the publicly adored billionaire bachelor. Where the hard part would come in is how would Smith do playing the bad guy? One has to think that he is itching to take a shot at playing someone evil after so many years of playing the good guy on TV and in films. It would be a risky casting but i think Smith could pull off playing the bad guy and that he would probably find himself liking it a bit more than yet another role as a fine upstanding citizen.

4 thoughts on “Will The Man of Steel Sequel Have a Black Lex Luthor?

  1. To me, the two most obvious choices for a black Luther boil down to Idris Elba and Giancarlo Esposito. I would not even consider Will Smith for a second. As for Washington I would say no for the simple reason that he’s the one that people would expect to see in the role.


    1. I think if I was the casting genie I would pick Esposito…mainly because I still am holding out hope that Elba will be cast as Green Lantern John Stewart.


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