Finally Someone Made a Useful Piece of Wearable Tech

And of course this idea would come from the pornography industry. Adult video site, Porn Hub is developing a nifty little gadget called The Wank Band. It’s a watch looking thingee that has a who-zam-whatsis inside of it that stores kinetic energy…so instead of just wasting countless hours unleashing the alabaster yak with nothing to show for it but self-loathing and stickiness you can now use your time petting the one eyed porpoise to power all of your electronic devices! And the video they made to describe the gadget is tame enough to share with people and feel sketchy.


7 thoughts on “Finally Someone Made a Useful Piece of Wearable Tech

  1. I’m going to use this to charge ALL of my devices. Best of all, this can be a truly symbiotic relationship: wank it with it on while watching Porn Hub. Genius.


  2. This reminds of that joke about the guy who goes to hell and there are all these clocks on the wall moving at various speeds; each one representing a living person and the amount of time they spend jerkin’ the gherkin. The guy asks the devil where a particular clock is that belongs to his friend and the devil tells him they’re using it for an air conditioner.
    It reminds of that joke because obviously someone else heard it and ran with it.


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