Friday the 13th Week: What The Hell Happened to Paul At the End of Friday the 13th Part 2?


There is a rumor that Part 2 director (Steve Miner) and Paul Holt portrayer (John Furey) had friction on the set of the film. Supposedly that friction got so bad that Miner and Furey almost came to blows which caused Furey to storm off of the set and never return. This resulted in Furey not being available to shoot any of the scenes that would have cleared up the mystery about Paul Holt’s fate. This rumor gets shot down by Miner and Furey in interviews though so it could be true but the folks involved say it is not and who am I to doubt them?

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  1. Simm · October 16, 2018

    “Only 8 victims bodies were left in places where they could be discovered…Alice’s body was kept at Jason’s cabin which the authorities didn’t find.”

    If the authorities didn’t find Jason’s cabin, then they wouldn’t have found the cop or Terri, which were also kept at Jason’s cabin and are seen there at the end; Teri is pretty much next to Alice’s skeletal corpse. So that leaves 6 bodies that were found. Ralph, Scott, Jeff, Sandra, Mark and Vicky.


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