Friday the 13th Week: What The Hell Happened to Paul At the End of Friday the 13th Part 2?


On the back of the Deluxe edition DVD cover for PART 2 that was released in 2009, there is an image of Paul Holt where he has a pretty “I am dead” look on his face. And looking at the image it really does go a long way towards providing some definite closure to the Paul Holt mystery. Take a look at that image above and tell that doesn’t look like someone who has had a very bad run-in with an angry Jason Voorhees.

But…and there seems to always be a but where this particular mystery is concerned, thanks to the Friday The 13th The Franchise website and an interview they did with longtime FRIDAY THE 13TH artist Crash Cunningham that debunks the DVD cover image theory:

“This photo is one of a few that was taken on set during the filming of the end cabin sequence. Or more specifically, while they were blocking in or rehearsing the scene before the cameras rolled. Notice that John is wearing a jacket over his wardrobe to stay warm. According to other photos I have and production stories, John was quite a character on set. He’s just goofing it up in this photo.”

Photo from Crash Creations

And they also have this image to corroborate things:

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  1. Simm · October 16, 2018

    “Only 8 victims bodies were left in places where they could be discovered…Alice’s body was kept at Jason’s cabin which the authorities didn’t find.”

    If the authorities didn’t find Jason’s cabin, then they wouldn’t have found the cop or Terri, which were also kept at Jason’s cabin and are seen there at the end; Teri is pretty much next to Alice’s skeletal corpse. So that leaves 6 bodies that were found. Ralph, Scott, Jeff, Sandra, Mark and Vicky.


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