Hate Watching The Walking Dead [S08E09: Honor]


If ever there was a dead man walking character it is Siddiq. His intro was handled horribly with Carl spending weeks leaving food out for him like Siddiq was a stray cat made no sense. It has been established on this show that Rick and his crew have a procedure in place for inviting new people into the group and while I get that Rick is gun-shy after all the stuff with Negan, it makes no sense for his distrust of new people to become this big thing to the point that Carl would end up sneaking around helping a stranger because his dad would disapprove especially after Siddiq clued Carl in that he was a medical professional. Doctor’s are valuable in the zombie apocalypse and even with Rick’s trust issues all of that would be squashed if it meant you would get a doctor in your camp. Hell, Gabriel is going through a lot of bullshit currently to try and get a doctor for Maggie’s troubled pregnancy so having one fall in your lap and not taking him in is stupid.
But worst of all for Siddiq is that he is always going to be looked upon by the remaining fandom of this show (and probably Rick Grimes himself) as the guy who caused Carl’s death. There is no coming back from that. It also didn’t help that the show gave Siddiq a special moment of speechifying during Carl’s extended death hour. No one knows you, Siddiq. You don’t get to make emotional declarations when a character of Carl’s importance is slowly biting the dust. Siddiq should have kept his head down and his mouth shut. The people making this show should take the temperature of the fandom and realize no one gives a rat’s ass about Siddiq in general and definitely not in this moment. Fans are never going to embrace the guy and Rick is always going to be standop0ffish with him if not outright hostile towards him. So what does this mean for Siddiq? It means that Siddiq will likely be dying soon. I personally think he might get killed off by the end of this season but if not I am 99.999% sure he will be dead and gone by the 5th episode of next season. So basically Siddiq is a waste and Carl dying for him is an even bigger waste.

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