Hate Watching The Walking Dead [S08E09: Honor]


It was revealed in this episode that the gauzy, Vaseline smeared scenes of a white bearded Rick and crew living in a harmonious Alexandria that we were treated to since the first episode of this season was not a flash forward but really Carl’s dream of the future. Carl explained this to Rick during Carl’s looong death scene and it raised far more questions than it answered for me. Why did Rick look to have aged a good 25 years while Judith looked to be about 10 years old tops? And if this is Carl’s dream of a happy ending future then why did he give his dad a bum leg? There is nothing wrong with Rick’s leg right now. Is Carl expecting his dad to develop osteoporosis and end up with bad hips? That is a pretty dick move on Carl’s part to wish debilitating leg injuries onto his father. The Negan bit made absolutely no sense. So in Carl’s fantasy Negan becomes Alexandria’s lead gardener and Judith’s favorite play uncle? I swear that these scenes were actually supposed to be a flash forward look into the future for our heroes that got scrapped midway during the season and Gimple then just decided to make into Carl’s dream and inconsistencies be damned. Man, Gimple sucks.

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