My Favorite TV Show Christmas Episodes

Ah, Christmas. It is one of my favorite times of the year and not just for the presents and candy canes but also because it is the time of year when TV shows tend to put out some of their best stuff. With that in mind I have put together this list of my favorite TV show Christmas episodes. Put some chestnuts on an open fire and take a gander at some of the best holiday themed episodes of my favorite shows.

Christmas in the Car – Bob’s Burgers

This episode begins with Linda Belcher’s predilection for putting up her Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving which (of course) which results in the tree dying on Christmas Eve. So this causes the Belcher clan to have to trek out to find a new tree and from that set-up the funny begins.
Best friend/customer Teddy gets tasked with checking on Bob’s ham that is cooking in the oven and ends up pinned under the refrigerator.
Bob, Linda and the kids have a run-in with a road raging Candy Cane Truck.
Gene is desperate to get the local radio station to play “Jingle in the Jungle”.
Linda gets a Dutch Baby.
Bob has a throwdown in the snow.
It is just a wonderful episode of TV that gives you all the Christmas-y feels in the world without ever really teaching any of the heartfelt lessons that you expect from a special holiday episode of a TV show. BOB’S BURGERS is great at holiday episodes (and they do a lot of them) but “Christmas in the Car” is still my favorite of the bunch.

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