My Favorite TV Show Christmas Episodes

Road to the north Pole – Family Guy

A bad experience with a mall Santa Claus leads Stewie to the decision that he needs to go to the North Pole and kill Santa for his mistreatment. So Stewie gets Brian to agree to drive him to Santa’s hood to get the assassination done. Brian tries to placate Stewie by taking him to a nearby (and rundown) Santa’s Village but it doesn’t convince Stewie and from there the real trip to the north Pole begins. Once Brian and Stewie reach the North Pole (with some help from the Aurora Boreanaz) we are shown a half-dead Santa, mutated crackhead elves and ravenous feral reindeer. The pressure of creating all the newfangled toys necessary to placate the current generation of children has turned the North Pole into a toxic wasteland and caused horrific damage to Santa’s helpers. With Santa too frail to make the toy deliveries, Stewie and Brian volunteer for the gig and we get some of the most darkly funny material that FAMILY GUY has ever done.


  1. abbiosbiston · November 27, 2018

    Mr O and I are going to do our second annual watching of a Christmas movie and episode every day of December starting Saturday. This is good inspiration.


    • Derek · November 27, 2018

      I have already started putting together my watchlist of Christmas episodes on Hulu.


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