The worst scream deaths

The Worst Deaths in The Scream Franchise

3. Tatum Riley in Scream 3

Tatum Riley in Scream

I loved Tatum Riley (played by Rose McGowan) but I fully expected her to die because she checked off all the worst horror movie character boxes and the main one being that she was the best friend of the movie’s Final Girl. But even knowing that she was doomed didn’t stop me from loving Tatum instantly and hoping against hope that she would somehow find a way to escape her fate. I think I might’ve been able to better accept Tatum’s death f happened differently but the way she went out was awful.

Tatum in Scream

She got to lead Ghostface on a brief little chase before getting one of the worst deaths in the whole franchise. How do you kill Tatum, the best friend of Sidney and sister of Dewey in such a lame goofy way? Being killed because you got stuck in the pet entrance of a garage door and then getting her neck broken by the slowly rising garage door. That is a death better reserved for Principal Himbry.

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