The worst scream deaths

The Worst Deaths in The Scream Franchise

5. Dewey Riley in Scream 5

Dewey in Scream 5

I admit to being one of the minority of Scream fans who felt that it was time to move on from the core three OGs and while I was leaning more toward Sidney being the one to die I was open to any (or all) of the three getting murked in Scream 5. That being said it was still tough to watch Dewey Riley get his guts sliced out of his body while saving the new kids mostly because of the natural affability that David Arquette brought to the role.

Dewey Riley in Scream 5

Now one of the reasons it was so tough was that the Ghostface who did it had to be Amber Freeman considering Richie Kirsche was with Sam and Tara in the elevator at the time of the attack. So we were supposed to buy that wee little Amber not only held her own in a tussle with Dewey, took a couple gun shots to the chest (even with a bulletproff vest that’s gotta hurt like hell) and still was able to take Dewey out by eviscerating him. Radio Silence should’ve switched the roles between Amber and Richie for this scene just so it wouldn’t be so freakin’ incredulous to the audience.

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