The worst scream deaths

The Worst Deaths in The Scream Franchise

1. Randy Meeks in Scream 2

      Randy in Scream 2

      To this day I will be mad about this one. The core three should’ve been a core four because Randy Meeks should not have been killed off in Scream 2. Randy being the sarcastic film geek who knew all the rules was an integral part of the core crew and he couldn’t been a fun, useful addition to the rest of the movies in the franchise. Plus the geek part of the heroic survivor gang always held a soft spot for me being a bit of a geek myself.
      We should’ve been allowed to see Randy mature and accomplish his dream of becoming a Hollywood writer or director…he could’ve been on the crew of the Stab movie in Scream 3!

      Randy in Scream 2

      He could’ve given up on Hollywood and come back to Woodsboro as a teacher in Scream 4.
      Randy could’ve been the father of Mindy and Chad instead of their uncle in Scream 5.
      All I’m saying is that there was a lot of potential for Randy to survive and still be a part of the crew with Gale, Sid and Dewey in the movies that came after Scream 2.

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