Friday the 13th Week: 6 Reasons Why The 2009 Friday The 13th Reboot Sucked

They Cast Jared Padelicki

Before anyone jumps to conclusions let me make one thing perfectly clear…I am a Jared Padalecki fan. Despite my constant grumbling about it, I still love SUPERNATURAL and look forward to Padalecki’s adventures as one of the demon hunting Winchester brothers on that show. But Jared is a 6’4 hulk of a fella and when the guy playing Jason is only an inch taller and not bigger in frame it creates an issue for me as a movie viewer. See, I expected Padalecki’s Clay to be the holy hell out of Jason just because he was more brolic than our favorite hockey mask wearing maniac and that is not what one should be thinking in a FRIDAY THE 13TH movie. As viewers we expect Jason to be the biggest, baddest guy on the lake who towers over his victims and is physically imposing to the nth degree. We didn’t get that with the big final brawl between Moose (SUPERNATURAL fans will recognize that nickname) and Jason Voorhees because they looked too evenly matched.

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